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Music Unlimited continues to be timetabled into school times within residential and therapeutic children’s homes.

Sessions tend to be one to one as it is regarded as a personal and therapeutic activity that allows young people the opportunity to explore their sometimes delicate feelings through music making.
It is essential that the young people are given the opportunity and freedom to play in a safe environment and to be as noisy as they wish. This is often a very important factor for a lot of the children in residentail care as many of them have not had enough of the essential experience of play in their formative years. Creative play provides children a safe way of exploring their feelings and growing personality. The opportunity we provide using music as a medium to has been proven to be extremely therapeutic. We have been praised highly for the positive and profound impact on self esteem that of some the children have displayed as a direct result from using our service.

We are proud that some young people have chosen to pursue music as part of their further education upon leaving school as a direct result of their sessions with Music Unlimited. Alternatively some young people have been known to become songwriters themselves or have taken up the playing of a particular instrument through exposure to the opportunities our sessions provide.

Song writing is possibly one of the most delicate parts of our working with young people in care.

Lyrics writing for example can often bring to light past experiences, subconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We are extremely sensitive to be aware of these moments and in such circumstances we make sure that we provide an atmosphere that is non judgemental and containing. It is of utmost importance that the young person feels this sense of containment if the songwriting experience is to be of therapeutic* value to them. Our assistance within the song writing process therefore will remain neutral and without judgement.

Often the songs young people produce can be used to help instigate further reflective explorational work with therapists and carers, or they can be used to indicate a childs current state of mind.

*our method is not to be confused with music therapy