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Our basic schools package is available to 1 or possibly 2 classes of up to 30 children. The session is best suited to run over an entire school day.

This is a brief outline of a typical session plan.
Initially the group will be encouraged to discuss their individual tastes in music and what it means to them .We will also acknowledge how we use music to convey a particular emotion or message and music continues to be a vital and primitive form of communication.

Through discussion the group will decide upon a particular style or feel for a project. This will aim to include as many of the individual preferences as possible, with a view to create a new style of music. This will highlight how a collection of styles is nessasary for new music to emerge and form new exciting genres. .

Young people will then be given the opportunity and encouraged to play or get a feel the instruments listed below (assisted if necessary) and then they decide upon which sub group they would like to take part in. The sub groups will then be assisted to create and play their own part towards the recording of an original song.

Drums and percussion
Guitars and bass
Keyboards with unlimited sounds/instrument programmes
Lyric writing and vocals
Recording and technical work

Our aim is that we inspire young people to discover the joy of playing an instrument or the initiative to persue a creative musical activity in their own time. A CD* of the recorded song will be then be presented to the school upon completion. Extra copies are available if requred.

*schools may take this opportunity to sell copies of the finished work to parents to supplement the cost of the session. It could also possibly be used to evidence a particular accreditation towards a practical unit of a qualification.