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This is a great way for a young person to access a wide range of musical opportunities whether or not they are musically inclined, or if they are unsure of which musical path they would like to take. Parents will have considerably more assurance that their child will stay with a chosen (often paid up front) course of tuition if their child has previously had the chance to try lots of instruments and get a feel for what instrument suits them and they feel comfortable with.  Music Unlimited is a perfect all round experience for this.  It may be that a child needs to partake in several sessions until they are sure of which area of their musicality they wish to pursue.

We allow children as a group to decide upon a mutually agreed project that aims to contain as many of the young people’s tastes as possible. The emphasis being on a collaborative project supporting the notion that new music is developed and formed by several musical influences coming together, even if they initially appear to be conflicting. Promoting an open minded and un assuming approach to styles within music making.

The group will then be assisted in smaller groups to complete a series of small tasks. This will involve the playing of the instruments they have individually chosen to use creatively. Each group will then be recorded and the project/song will begin to take shape. The interactive and speculative experience will be informative as to how a song is written and recorded. It is our aim that through these experiences children will become more confident and curious to actively seek out musically creative past times regardless of their own perceived musical ability or knowledge. We claim that if you can press a key on a keyboard then you can make your own music and should be encouraged to do so. We aim to show how everyone how they can make music easily and, most importantly, fun!!

The recorded project will be presented to each young person upon completion* on CD and will be of a professional standard. See the link below for all session listings.

*Allow up to 2 week to receive the CD after the project has been mixed and mastered.