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Our service has been developed since 2003 in several well known organisations and centres for adults with specialist needs. We continue to provide weekly creative sessions for these organisations that cater for adult groups who have cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, and adults within the autistic spectrum. We also cater for clients with varying mental health problems, including but not limilted to bi-polar and alzheimers.

Sessions can run for 1 to 2 hours and are generally best suited to a maximum of 6-8 clients (although there is some flexibility around this depending on the group and the individuals within it).  Please note that for in house services a minimum of  a 2 hour booking is required, though this can be split into 2, 1 hour sessions.

Over the past 9 years we have continued to refine our music sessions to be tailor made to suit each adult client group. It is paramount to us that each client feels comfortable and able to access their music sessions at a level that they feel comfortable and empowered. Clients are encouraged to contribute to the process of recording a piece of original music once the group has decided upon a style or direction the project should take. A CD of the groups work is presented termly to the clients themselves and a copy for the organisation also presented for reference. These recordings document the good work they have achieved and been part of.  Some good examples songs some of the groups we have worked with have produced can be heard if you click on the 'listen' bar above. This is possibly one of the better ways to get an understanding of what our service is capable of providing in our adult based sessions.

We have been commended for the inclusive and sensitive nature in which sessions are run. It has also been noted that our sessions are a good way to bring clients together in a creative setting as it is known to have a positive effect on team building and moral. The very nature of our work mustn'’t be confused with music therapy as it is so often mistakenly thought as being. This is possibly most likely due to the said ‘highly therapeutic’ charge our sessions provide and also that music therapy is possibly the only thing our service could be likened to. It has also been noted in one of our recommendation reports that our sessions are said to be ‘streets ahead’ of other music sessions and praised for its modern and humanistic approach.