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Welcome to Music Unlimited


At Music Unlimited we provide a fresh and exciting approach to music making. We have devolped since 2003 an umbrella of unique services that cater for all regardless of ability or previous musical experience. Here at Music Unlimited we are all about providing a bespoke musical experience that aims to nurture and inspire individuals at their functioning level to become creative, express themselves freely and become musicians themselves.


Please note we are NOT Music Therapy however we are frequently commended for the highly therapuetic impact our sessions bring to our clients.


Music Unlimited is the only music service of its kind to be included on the Essex County Council Approved Alternative Education Providers List. 


We are currently established within:


CAMHS Residential School

Pupil Referal Units (PRU's)

Mainstream Schools

Therapuetic Schools

SEN and BESD Schools

Childrens Support Services

Therapuetic Childrens Home


National Autistic Society

Adult Residential


We can cater for clients with the following conditions :


Low Self Esteem

Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties




Cerebral Palsy

Mental Health

Physical Disability

Non verbal

Anxious Learners

School Exclusion

Learning Difficulties

Idenity Issues

Self Harming


Music Unlimited sessions are led by professional musicians with a wealth of experience in all areas of performing and recording. All staff are trained in house by company founder Shaun Lock. In 2003 he developed the service model at a Residential Therapuetic School situated in Essex over a 5 year period under constant review and consultation with Psychotherapists, Teachers, Carers, Art Therapists, Councellors, University Lecturers and Authors. This is how our services cater for all regardless of ability.


Here is how we achieve this...... 


Music Unlimited specialise in making music accessible and fun for all age groups, that is our primary aim. Our staff sensitively support each client to attain their musical wishes and curiosities by allowing and encouraging people to express themselves at a level that they feel comfortable. This is where we begin our work with each individual. At Music Unlimited we encourage our clients to engage at their own pace in a non judgemental, safe and supported recording studio enviroment. By allowing each service user full ownership and most importantly control over their sessions attributes to many of our clients becoming more self motivated with higher self esteem. The knock on effect being that our clients then become more workable and functioning more postively within other aspects of their lives. Music Unlimited is regularly credited for being the main positive intervention and catalyst of change once our service has been put in place for those that are deemed to be struggling in some way or could do with a positive outlet to express themselves.


As our name suggests there are limitless possibilities within our creative formats and musical genres to explore. We aim to inspire and encourage all of our clients to engage with a positive musical experience.


Follow the staff link above to find out a bit more about each individual staff members experience and qualifications

 ''I have worked with Shaun and his team over a period of 8 years and have been very impressed with their dedication and professional attitude towards our students.......Music Unlimited makes music accessible to all. They have taken music making for people with special needs to a new can see their self esteem grow whilst playing an electric guitar or keyboard..........Music Unlimited allows people free expression and encourages people to challenge their own and others, likes and dislikes in a safe environment, in turn helping to create the individual who may be lost inside......Music a must in the development of self-esteem and confidence"
Jackie Strohm, Access Manager, Essex Care Consortium

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